Summer fashion to keep you cool!

What to wear when it is freaking hot?!

By India Donisi

Summer Fashion to Keep You Cool

I recently spent a whole month in Thailand and the temperature was so high, especially in Bangkok, that I encountered some trouble in thinking of outfits. What do you wear when you want to look fashionable but don’t want to die of the heat? 

I came up with a very nice list that will keep you cool (literally) this summer.

Swing dresses

Summer is all about keeping cool and showing of the tanned body; a swing dress is perfect for both. The dress design is short as well as sassy. The easy, flowy design of the dress will keep the fabrics from sticking to your body. Get summer colors, and a fabric that keeps you cool. It might not suit everyone’s style but it definitely ads a touch of vintage!

Light colored tank tops and t-shirts.

White tees are essential; they are also very cool. They help keep the temperature down. The best part? You can pair them up easily. Wear shorts and sandals; you can also throw in a straw hat for shade. The cotton fabric of the tee will feel soft against the skin, so no itching when you sweat.

Loose hotpants

Loose hotpants, preferably cotton ones are a great way to keep your body cool. The loose cut will help circulate air better. Get a darkly toned trouser like navy blu, they are easy to style and stains doesn’t show on them. You can team up the trouser with a sleeveless shirt, a silk fashion scarf as well as strappy sandals. You can go for a short-sleeved shirt if you aren’t a huge fan of sleeveless.

Biker shorts

Shorts of any kind are great in summer, but if you want to stay cool and in fashion then go for biker shorts. They are comfortable and have a knack of keeping the wearer cool. Go for the loose athletic ones, they are soft and have a casual look about them. They can also be paired easily with slip-on sneakers as well as smart heels.

Flare pants

With a white polka dotted blouse, a flare pants will look extremely posh. It will also keep you cool on a hot summer day. The wide cut of the flare pants keeps the legs cool and suits both sandals, heals and espadrilles.

Summer dresses

There is nothing more comfortable than a sundress, soft ballet shoes and a huge brimmed straw hat on a hot day. It sounds like something out of a movie. Adopt the movie star look, get a beautiful umbrella cut, white sundress and stay cool.


It is not only the body that needs protection, but your eyes also need security against the glaring sun as well. Sunglasses are a must in summer. 

These examples show it is possible to keep your body temperature in check and stay stylish at the same time. Do not lose your sense of fashion just because it’s too hot.

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