Gaston Luga


The backpack we all need on our trip.




I travel a lot and every time it’s a hard job to pack a suitcase in a way I can fit all my clothes in there. More important than the suitcase itself for me is the luggage you carry by hand when travelling with an airplane, train or bus. Your hand luggage is the place where you put your book, your passport, your hand cream, your wallet, sunglasses, you know the drill. It would be very uncomfortable if every time you need something you had to open up your suitcase, imagine!


That’s why I always study my bags carefully before buying them. I need space, it needs to be comfortable and last but not least, it needs to be stylish!

I was very happy when I got the chance to work with what I consider a very nice brand that is specialized in creating very comfortable and stylish backpacks that are made out of vegan leather! Gaston Luga is a Swedish brand that cares about comfort and about the planet. Besides that, they have a bunch of backpacks to choose from in different colors and designs. If you’re ever looking for a backpack that fulfills all your needs, definitely have a look at their website.


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