Björn Borg sneakers, for active and attractive girls

Fashionable sneakers for sportive girls

By India Donisi

I you live in Holland and want to get yourself a pair of Björn Borg sneakers, you can shop the new Björn Borg ladies collection on the website of Ziengs. 

The brand Björn Borg has the slogan: The no.1 sports fashion brand for the active and attractive.

For me personally this reflects a big part of who I am. I think it is super important to be active in life and I am not only referring to working out. Read my post about working out looks here.  Moving, learning new things, being open to new experiences, in order to grow as a person you must be ACTIVE in every way. 
Being active in my eyes makes you attractive. Attractiveness means to me not only superficial beauty but the deeper meaning and why that move people to act and be who they are can make everyone, looks apart, super attractive. 
What I found in Björn Borg sneakers is that their brand stands for action in the form of sports but also in the form of being successful in what you do.

Björn Borg sneakers for fashionable girls

 I love to travel and when I do I always walk a lot. There is nothing that makes me happier than moving around a new place, indulging in new experiences and getting to know a city and a culture. What I often find difficult is to find attractive sneakers that are comfortable, and suit my style. I am fond to announce that in Björn Borg I have found a brand that does just that. Their woman collection embodies the sense of style and comfort in one, it doesn’t matter if you are moving around your own city or are exploring far away lands!

The nice thing about these sneakers for me is not only the fact that they are comfortable. Running a styleblog means I am always looking for style and elegance. I think these sneakers are in a sense very classy. I chose these beige ones because I simply love neutral tones but I am also a big fan of the color pink. Since I was a little girl I always have been attracted to everything pink and of course at some age you have to distance yourself a bit from making things all to pink but I think everything does look better with a touch of pink. For me these sneakers have just that, the class and the style you need to go through life as an adult and the touch of pink that brings you back to those days in kindergarten! Of course on the website there are more colors to choose from!

Björn Borg sneakers in the city


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