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We all love Champagne but did you know there are lots of cheaper options that actually taste as good and sometimes even better? I’ll talk you through the three I personally like the most.

By India Donisi


Champagne is a wine I can’t drink enough of, (don’t worry I’ve got good self-control) and of course there is a reason for it to be a bit pricy. 

Champagne is made of prestigious grapes, mostly a blend of Chardonnay, Pinot noir and Pinot Meunier. After the blending of the base wine and the first fermentation, there is a second fermentation on the bottle. This creates the carbonation, which are the nice bubbles in your glass. After this fermentation, the Champagne keeps on aging for several years! The method to make Champagne is called the Traditional Method. It’s a process that costs lots of time and therefore it can’t be cheap! 

If you’re looking for nice options of sparkling wines that are more affordable, I selected my three favorites for you!


Sekt is the German version of sparkling wine. It’s mostly made from Riesling grapes and suffered a bad reputation. Nowadays there are amazing Sekt wines on the market but unfortunately only the Germans know about it. They consume 80 % of their own Sekt themselves!

The better versions are comparable to Champagne and are recognized by the writing of b.A on the bottle. This means the wine was made in one of the 13 official wine regions. The method you want to be looking for is of course the Traditional Method, the same that is used for making Champagne.

Of course it depends on where you live for how much choice you have when looking for a good Sekt but I’m sure that slowly it will become more.


Cava is a bit better known than Sekt but still it has suffered from the same bad reputation. In my opinion there are Cava’s that taste as good as a good Champagne and that’s why I chose to write about it in this article.

Cava is made with the Traditional Method just like Champagne ,so a good Cava has had a second fermentation on the bottle. You find this wine in the region west of Barcelona and it is made from the Spanish grapes Macabeo, Xarel-lo and parellada. You can buy a top Cava under 20 euro/dollar and that’s what makes it even better!


Cremant is a sparkling wine from France, just like Champagne only it is made throughout the country and not only in the Champagne region. The method is again the one that is used for making Champagne and that’s what gives it that refined taste. There are seven regions in France that make Cremant, for example Cremant de Bourgogne, Cremant de Loire and Cremant d’Alsace where they make most of the Cremants. For me the nice thing about Cremant is that it tastes just like Champagne but it doesn’t cost like it!

Some international websites for inspiration on which sparkling wines to buy!

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