3 adventures in Surinam





A quite undiscovered but amazingly adventurous country to visit on your trip to South America would definitely be Surinam. This small country, hidden in the Amazon on the North Coast of South America offers all that you want from nature. 

By India Donisi

  1. Galibi, looking for sea turtles

On a two hours’ drive from Paramaribo, heading east to Albina, a boat will bring you up the river Maroni in the north direction towards Galibi. Make sure to wrap your luggage in plastic bags in order to protect your belongings against the water.  Galibi is located at the end of the Maroni river at the mouth of the Atlantic Ocean.

When you arrive at Galibi, you will find the two indigenous Indian villages, Christiankondre and Langamankondre. The 750 inhabitants of those two villages, the Carib – Indians, live there under primitive circumstances. Be sure to respect them, as they will go out of their way to help you any way they can.

At night, between 9:00 pm and 1:00 am you can take a boat (ask one of the Indian boatmen), up river, towards the Atlantic to visit the breeding places of the large leatherback turtles. Each year from February until August different species of gigantic sea turtles come to the beaches of Galibi to lay their eggs. On this trip you will be taken to the large sandy beaches by the Atlantic and you will be sitting in a hidden spot, awaiting the turtles to emerge from the sea. Be aware that even though you’re in the tropics and it might be really hot during day time, at night it can get really cold by the Atlantic Ocean so take a sweater or a blanket with you and make yourself comfortable as it may take a while before the turtles come out. Also, be sure not to shine any lights when you’re at the beach because you might scare the turtles away. Once the turtles arrive at the beach, you will see their amazing breeding ritual which is an experience you will never forget.

What to take to Galibi

Depending on your stay, you might want to bring your own food. There are some small stores, but don’t expect too much!

o  Flashlights

o  Long pants and long sleeve shirt / blankets

o  Toiletries

o  Sunburn oil and insect repellent

o  Swimwear

  1. Brokopondo Reservoir

Ever been on a uninhabited island? If you would like this experience, you should definitely book the hotel or a little cottage at Bongo Island.

The Brokopondo reservoir lake is one of the largest reservoirs in the world, with a surface of 1.500 square kilometres.


At the coast of the lake you can find inhabitants of Brokopondo, descendants of African slaves, living in their traditional circumstances.

Cross the Stuwmeer with a boat and get to the luxury resort of Bongo Island. The atmosphere of the island is tropical and relaxed, the staff is welcoming and the food is delicious!


  1. Dancing Dolphins

The most amazing creatures on earth, must surely be dolphins! If they discover your boat, they will come to you and dance for you. You will get the best show you would have ever imagined.

From Leonsberg, 12 kilometers outside Paramaribo centre (you can get there by cab), find a boat to bring you to Braamspunt. This is another place where you can spot sea turtles. You will find a camp with turtle nest guards. The guards stay there all week and at the end of the week, the next shift will come so that the turtles are never left out of sight

On your way to Braamspunt, where the Commewijneriver meets the Suriname river, be aware to watch out for the dolphins. If you go there in the late afternoon at around 16:00 hours, you will find a pod of dolphins around your boat. This is most certainly a breathtaking experience.