10 items to pack for your next trip.

What are the wardrobe essentials? The 10 items you shouldn’t live without. 

By India Donisi


Here are the 10 basic items that are essential to any wardrobe and are easy to pack when going on a short (work)trip.

1.    A White Tee-shirt or blouse:


This is the most versatile item of your wardrobe. Next to jeans, this is the easiest item to pair up with almost anything. You can pair your tee with shirts, pants, tights, pajamas or even a long skirt. Any type of shoes whether you are wearing heels, sneakers or sandals, ill go with the white tee shirt.

2.    Black Dress:


Every wardrobe needs a black dress, preferably a jersey fabric one. Accessorizing a black dress is so easy, it’s effortless. Get a beautiful choker, some high heels, and you are good to go. A deep neck, modest length, sleeveless dress is just perfect for day time as well as night time outing. Switch your sandals for heels when you go clubbing.

3.    A Sophisticated Yet Stylish Blazer:


When you need a casual yet elegant look, all you need to do is wear a blazer on top of your white tee. This will work as your formal office look as well as your Sunday brunch look. Even when its chilly outside a blazer can easily work as a coat (of course when it’s not freezing).

4.    Sneakers:


The most comfortable and casual thing to wear. Whoever came up with slip-on shoes was a genius. You can walk miles and not feel a thing. There are so many options and designs that you will have a hard time to choose the perfect pair. I’d say, just pick the ones that suit most of your clothes!

5.    Black Trousers:


They are so basic that you can wear them any way you want. They are great for the office and casual weekends. Work or play, a black pants fits all occasions.

6.    Demin:


We are looking for essentials that would work with anything. Well, denim is the perfect option. You get to wear them to the office, with a white shirt and blazer. Party night out, wear a little bling and a sequins shirt with a lot of accessories. Get a dark pair, they look great and don’t stain.

7.    Ballet Flat:


These are not only comfortable but also stylish. You can’t wear your sneakers everywhere; you need something smart for the office as well.

8.    Trench coat:


A lightweight trench coat is a necessity for a complete wardrobe. You need it when it rains as well as to keep your party clothes protected.

9.    Smart Sandals:

A pair of smart, crisp sandals that you can wear to work as well as to a club or a lunch date are super handy to have. Heels are perfect, make sure they are stylish and over three inches tall.

10.  Scarf:


To add a little color to your outfit you can use a scarf, preferably a silk scarf. It’ elegant and sophisticated.

With these essentials the words “I don’t have anything to wear” will never come out of your mouth.

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